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Paphos Computers are celebrating their 13th year in-business with a very special offer.  We offer all of our customers our:    PRE-PAY & SAVE 20% OFF ANY ORDER DEAL. During the past years our customers have been requesting models of laptops & electronics that they have found on the internet and expecting us to meet those prices.  As the agents of all the manufacturers here in Cyprus don't have the buying power to order quantities of thousands per model for each laptop, like they do in the UK, the price they get is far different than the price you'd find overseas.  Add to that the fact that we are on an island and the unit has to be shipped or sent via air-freight, along with a couple of middle-men, adding their percentages here and there & you usually end-up with about a 20 percent difference in price from here compared to UK/US prices.  This is where our great deal comes into play. 

By invoicing your order through our wholesale company, which doesn't have overhead expenses & using your cash and our best bargaining techniques with the agents of all the major branded electronics, we guarantee the best possible price for you in Cyprus.  This means that you now have access to wholesale prices, local-nearby service & after-sales support, the most important factor of all to consider.  What's the catch? Here it is...As effectively we aren't making much profit in this deal, anytime you opt to purchase from our wholesale company, you will be charged a 20 Euro fee applicable per item you order.  This fee is to cover our telephone calls, courier fees from Nicosia agents, recycling & merchandising fees, so that we don't end-up losing on the deal after all.  Also, if at any point we have to return the product to the manufacturer in Nicosia to replace or repair a fault, you will again pay the 20 Euro handling fee, throughout the duration of the item's warranty.  Once again, this covers our costs of pre-testing, packaging, courier-fees, paper-work & post RMA testing, as this process is handled by our retail store staff. 

If anything had to happen to a laptop purchased from the internet or in the UK, you would have to pay more than double to ship it-back to the dealer.  Another important factor to consider when buying from the net is that Cyprus seems to be the Bermuda Triangle of International Warranties! Our deal's benefits are that you get more specs for your budget, have our staff's combined service experience of over 50 years and actually support the local Cyprus economy.  This deal applies to any orders, as well as original inks and toners.  For our business clients, shaving 20% off the bottom line at the end of the month is never a bad thing, especially with the ever-increasing prices of consumables.  We do have quite a selection of over 20 hand-picked tablets, laptops & desktop pc's in-stock, but if you find something elsewhere that we don't have in-store, come through for a free consultation and let’s make a deal!


Prices, promotions, specifications, availability and terms of offers may change without notice.  Despite our best efforts, a small number of items may contain pricing, typography or photography errors. Correct prices and promotions are validated at the time your order is placed.  

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